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Prestwick Park wins Gold at Northumbria in Bloom Awards

Northumbria in Bloom Awards

A transformation from cattle sheds to a stunning office location has been recognised with a Gold award to Prestwick Park in this year’s Northumbria in Bloom competition.

A decade ago, Mike and Kim Wilson were inspired by a desire to ‘tidy up’ the approach to Prestwick Village and the surroundings of their home, Prestwick Hall, a John Dobson listed Grade II* masterpiece. Mike explains how the development came about:

"Farming is important and indeed Prestwick Hall Farm still flourishes today with an abundance of sheep and arable production whilst adding enormously to the attractiveness of the surrounding countryside, particularly in spring when the lambs arrive. The cattle sheds were a mixture of ancient buildings and 1960’s eyesores with asbestos roof coverings. Filling the grain tower was never popular with our locals because of the dust and everyone disliked the stench which accompanied the ritual opening of the silage clamp!

Since our objective was environmental improvement, we decided to aim for a high quality, not too large development using traditional materials, choosing a layout similar to the Oxford and Cambridge colleges which have pedestrian walkways and large areas of lawn.

Where possible, the original stone and brick buildings were retained and restored, but for the new build we created something modern, though using reclaimed Northumbrian stone from work being done at Tuggal Hall. We were fortunate that the timing of our construction coincided with the demolition of part of John Dobson’s La Sargesse School, so we were able to secure some19th century slates which fitted in beautifully with what we were trying to achieve.

Northumbria in Bloom Awards Winners

All the accommodation benefits from ‘carbon-friendly’ heating and cooling systems, and rainwater is collected and re-used as grey-water in the loos. Excess water flows on through a natural reed-bed filter before joining the water course.

Providing a beautiful landscape around the park was a very high priority and we began by planting 10,000 trees along the route of the proposed relief road, adding to the 5,000 which had been planted earlier on the estate. Further landscaping, far in excess of the planning requirement, took place after construction work had finished to enhance the car park and public footpath experience, with mixed hedge merging with the existing foliage in the grounds of Prestwick Hall as a back drop.

We believe we have tidied up a corner of our village and that the relatively small Prestwick Estate (350 acres) is playing its part in our community with landscaping, wild life preservation, food production, cottage lets and a thriving business park".

Mike adds: “We see virtue in simplicity and strive to maintain the site immaculately not just in summer but throughout the year. This award is greatly appreciate and is a credit to the skill and hard work of Robin Newton and his parents, Lawrence and Audrey, the small team who maintain the grounds here so well ”.

The Wilsons take a real pride in the community of like–minded companies that has developed at Prestwick Park including financial, legal, engineering, HR and construction businesses. They enjoy tranquil rural surroundings only minutes from Newcastle International Airport and the A1 with extensive free parking.

Offices are available on leases tailored to business needs and viewings can be arranged with the Business Park Manager, Julie Elliott, by calling 01661 872203, emailing info@prestwickpark.co.uk


Business Park Office, Prestwick Park, Prestwick, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE20 9SJ
Telephone: 01661 872203, Email: info@prestwickpark.co.uk

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